After the Fire Comes the Flowers

July 26, 2017 

The gates of heaven have finally re-opened in the form of South Fork trail in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. This is the first time in over two years the area has been opened to the public due to the horrific Lake fire that burned over 31,000 acres that was reported back in June 17, 2015. 

The fire grew so vast it made it that all south facing trails be impenetrable; until this week. We finally got the a-Okay on visiting the South Fork and Forsee areas. And it was just in time for its wildflower bloom.

Why is it that after a wildfire comes the wildflowers?

It works by clearing away old growth, blocking competition from other plants, and let’s face it… California thrived on the constant controlled fires its native people would prescribe. Part clearing and part evolutionary is how California’s native plants formula on growth works.

Let me be clear by stating that this fire was a long time coming since the area had not been cleared by a controlled fire in over 30 years prior (or so I am told), but in the matter of its occurance is completely wrong. Inciweb states for the fire to be human caused (duh) and still under investigation. I am not pointing a direct finger but I am saying that the fire was reported to have begun in one of the neighboring private campgrounds. I would give you the street address, but I would not like to cause myself too much trouble.

Onto the trail itself:

Upon entering the grounds of heaven, just crossing over from the parking lot onto the trail head, is the first line of sight of the aftermath of destruction of nature and its contrasting self restoration.

Exhausted and invigorated… the land has quickly begun to heal itself.


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